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Recruitment and Onboarding

The quality and execution of your onboarding program can have a major impact on an employee’s ability to assimilate to your company’s policies, procedures, and culture. Use these tips to help your new hires hit the ground running! 

Work Ready Online directly connects employers with the world's top talent, making it easier for hirers to identify prospective candidates for a job vacancy. WRO uses a powerful, customized, unique candidate screening and compatibility matching technology that can predict whether a candidate has the skills, behaviors and cultural alignment to an employer. WRO will recommend to the hirer the candidate(s) who is (or are) most likely to deliver team-based performance benefits, reducing candidate screening time and the cost of bad hires. 

Why confine yourself to being stuck with the typical mundane job boards?
Not every job board is a good match for your hiring needs. We offer our clients much more! With Work Ready Online membership, you’ll get:

- 7x more applicants for your job postings because we promote them within our network of job specialists, marketing platforms and multi-channel job boards feeds.
- Immediate access to resume database contacts.
- Hand-picked resumes for your jobs from our private resume databases.

Simply register as a member, along with payment information (Visa/MasterCard, Purchase Orders, and checks accepted). Your vacancy announcement will be posted within 1 working day and emailed to registered users. 

That’s not all! We also provide a variety of other customized human resource solutions and products, such as:

•Talent Acquisition

•Match Making / Sourcing

•Onboarding / Pre-employment Background Screening

•Workforce Compliance

•Training / Workshops / Certifications

•Recruiting Events / Branding


Cultural Workplace Training

We offer culture based recruiting to help shape the environmental health of your workplace. For years, employers have filled open positions on the gut instinct that certain applicants would be a good fit. Now, culture-based recruiting is making this compatibility a certifiable component of the process. We want to ensure a good fit for hire and solid job retention for our clients. Occupation-related such as: sexual harassment or stress related issues can be a serious problem, but a trait that turns a good manager/employer into a great one is the ability to identify a staff member who is over stressed and help them resolve the issue.


While the time commitment and strategic planning that goes into branding your company may seem like a daunting and unnecessary task, it’s importance to show value in your company provide and great candidate relationship experience. Millennial Branding study (“The 2015 Millennial Majority Workforce”) as well as US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ predictions, millennials will represent most the workforce by 2015 and make up 75% of personnel by 2030. Who are millennials, and what should be hiring professionals know about them? Contact us to do an assessment of your business to help strengthen your workforce, and broaden business development strategies.

Other Products & Services

Products and services that are not associated with memberships. Products and services such as: Talent Acquisition Management, Recruiting, Match Making, Training, Certification, Culture Shaping, Consulting, Workshops, Compliance Monitoring, and Pre-employment Background Screening.

Employers, Job Developers, and Recruiters are welcome to partner, or join our membership to expand your network and reach for potential new hire candidates. Start today and inquire about our various membership packages and custom human resource services here at Work Ready Online.


Pre-employment background checks are now being offered at Work Ready Online through a newly formed partnership with Background Info USA . To do a background check or for more info, click the image link.




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